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Customer Acquisition


Digital activation and campaign to increase brand exposure and engagement in social media which will lead to new CIF conversion.

Customer Acquisition
2 months
Campaign Period
Gain New Database
Appointment to Brand


  • Our KPI we need to get 5000 new open account within 6 months campaign from our digital campaign
  • How to make good communication strategy that can bring traffic from online to offline activation open account in branches?
  • How to educate potential customer and convince them to open account in branches ?
  • How to make strategy for this campaign viral and bring organic conversion by utilize word-of-mouth marketing to reduce cost?
  • We need to setup good system that can monitor potential customers that have interest to open account in many branches


  • Increase Effectiveness - TCID can achieve customer acquisition in just 60 days (from 1 year target)
  • Cost Reduction - The budget used is only 54% of the previously determined plan
  • Higher Engagement - UGC in every channel is very high, this is due to the enthusiasm of the Indonesian audience to get as many referrals as possible and become the winner on the leaderboard
  • Achieved Higher Conversion, 101% from target - Audience asked to increase the registration quota, but had to be forced to stop due to operational limitations from brands

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