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E-Commerce Solution


Accelerate business growth. Maximize and optimize the sales in any channels

E-Commerce Solution
WhatsApp traffic solved by BOT
increase WhatsApp traffic
reduce call traffic
increase new leads


  • Our goals encompass three key aspects: Firstly, we aim to optimize the first chat resolution time, ensuring prompt and efficient resolution of customer inquiries. Secondly, we prioritize enhancing the overall customer experience through the implementation of BOT automation, delivering seamless and personalized interactions. Lastly, we seek to achieve cost savings by transitioning from human agents to BOTs for handling repetitive inquiries. By pursuing these objectives, we strive to drive operational efficiency, elevate customer satisfaction, and maximize cost-effectiveness.


  • Find strength and weakness each E-Commerce
  • Evaluation of customers experience
  • Analysis of sales and marketing strategies, analyze the effectiveness of current sales and marketing strategies and provide recommendations for improvements
  • Benchmarking against competitors: The assessment can benchmark the business against competitors in the industry to determine areas where the business is performing well and where it can improve

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