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Talkbot NPS Survey


Our client in the electronics industry utilizes an outbound call channel for conducting NPS (Net Promoter Score) surveys, targeting customers who have recently completed the repair services to measure the quality of their service center. One of the key focus areas in these outbound calls is achieving a high contacted rate. To optimize the contact rate, selecting the right calling time is crucial. By avoiding busy working hours and reaching out to respondents at their convenience, we aim to increase the likelihood of successful connections. This optimal time window, often referred to as the "Golden Hour," ensures a higher pick-up rate and enhances the overall effectiveness of our outreach efforts.

Talkbot NPS Survey
improve of productivity
improve contacted rate
reduce cost


  • The "Golden Hour" represents a valuable and time-limited opportunity for successful outbound calls, during specific intervals when the chances of engagement are highest. However, we understand the challenge of limited outbound call agents. Balancing the Golden Hour with agent availability can be a delicate task and can impact the contacted rate negatively. On the other hand, increasing the number of outbound call agents to improve the contacted rate would require additional investment in terms of costs.


  • Talkbot offers substantial benefits to our operation, including a 67% improvement in productivity. Additionally, we can achieve a 22% increase in the contacted rate, enhancing our customer engagement. Moreover, Talkbot provides significant cost savings of over 60% when compared to the combined costs of agents and Telco expenses. With Talkbot, we can optimize efficiency, boost performance, and realize substantial cost reductions.

Our Solution

Talkbot, a high-tech service by TCID in collaboration with Wiz.Ai, revolutionizes contact center operations with advanced AI. It enhances customer interactions, streamlines processes, and provides valuable analytics insights. Talkbot analyzes call data, generating comprehensive reports with valuable metrics and identifying the "Golden Hour" for successful call pick-ups. Leveraging AI-driven analytics, we maximize contact rates by determining the optimal time for customer outreach. Voice bot capabilities automate and scale outbound calls, reaching a larger customer base efficiently. This enhances customer engagement and operational efficiency. Optimizing the "Golden Hour" and utilizing voice bot capabilities enables greater efficiency without costly investments in additional agents. 

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