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Our WhatsApp channel agents often face a high workload, dealing with repetitive and frequently asked customer questions. We recognize the need to address this issue to enhance agent productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

WhatsApp BOT
WhatsApp traffic solved by BOT
increase WhatsApp traffic
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  • Our goals encompass three key aspects: Firstly, we aim to optimize the first chat resolution time, ensuring prompt and efficient resolution of customer inquiries. Secondly, we prioritize enhancing the overall customer experience through the implementation of BOT automation, delivering seamless and personalized interactions. Lastly, we seek to achieve cost savings by transitioning from human agents to BOTs for handling repetitive inquiries. By pursuing these objectives, we strive to drive operational efficiency, elevate customer satisfaction, and maximize cost-effectiveness.


  • Since the implementation of WhatsApp, we have experienced significant improvements in customer interactions. Approximately 70% of WhatsApp traffic is effectively resolved by our bot, leading to streamlined operations and enhanced efficiency. Moreover, there has been a notable 3% increase in traffic overall, with a 1% shift from the call channel to WhatsApp. Additionally, our customer base has expanded by approximately 0.5% as more individuals express interest in registering as partners. This increase in new leads provides valuable opportunities for our sales team to follow up and foster business growth.

Our Solution

The implementation of a WhatsApp bot offers numerous advantages in relieving the workload of customer support teams. By automating repetitive tasks and frequently asked questions, the bot streamlines operations, enhances efficiency, and allows WhatsApp agents to allocate their time and expertise to more complex inquiries. Furthermore, employing a WhatsApp bot proves to be a cost-effective solution when compared to traditional call centers. The bot's ability to handle a substantial volume of inquiries simultaneously eliminates the need for additional human resources, resulting in cost savings while maintaining high-quality customer service.

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