At the signing ceremony
From left: Yuzhou Zhang, Director and President, Kubota China Holdings Co., Ltd.
Haruhisa Tsunoda, Director, General Manager, ICT Promotion Department III, Kubota Corporation, Chairperson and President of Kubota Systems & Information (CHINA) Co., Ltd.
Kokkei Nakayama, Chairman of transcosmos Information Creative (China) Co., Ltd. and
Suzhou transcosmos Information Creative Co., Ltd. & Corporate Executive Officer of transcosmos inc.
Mingliang Zhang, Director of transcosmos Information Creative (China) Co., Ltd.
& General Manager of Suzhou transcosmos Information Creative Co., Ltd.

transcosmos hereby announces that the company has entered into an agreement to acquire 100% shares in Kubota Systems & Information (CHINA) Co., LTD. (Kubota Systems), a Chinese subsidiary of KUBOTA Corporation specializing in information systems, effective as of June11.

Kubota Systems is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kubota China Holdings Co., Ltd., KUBOTA Corporations’ headquarters in China. Since its establishment in February 2012, Kubota Systems has been offering system development, operations and maintenance services and SAP update and maintenance services for KUBOTA Corporation and its Chinese group companies as well as operating data centers in China.

In 1995, transcosmos established a system development subsidiary in Tianjin, China. The company manages the entire system development project management from design, development to testing for the Japan and China local markets. The company has expanded its footprint not only in China but also in Japan. Today, the company operates in Suzhou and Jinan in China as well as in Japan with a total of 1,600 engineers and a specialized quality control team, offering high-quality system development services that meet Japanese quality standards.

Along with this acquisition, transcosmos will take over KUBOTA Group’s IT business in China, which is currently run by Kubota Systems. transcosmos will expand its business domain by succeeding the SAP upgrade and maintenance business, entering a new domain for transcosmos.  

Kubota Systems & Information (CHINA) Co., Ltd. Overview

Company name:
Information (CHINA) Co., LTD

#06, Nisheng Square 23F, Suzhou Avenue West #205, Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province, P.R.China


Date of establishment:
February 27, 2012

Offshore development and system development, operations, and maintenance & support services in China

“The agreed acquisition of Kubota Systems was a perfect opportunity for both KUBOTA Corporation and transcosmos to achieve our respective vision,” Kokkei Nakayama, Chairman of Suzhou transcosmos Information Creative Co., Ltd. said. “For KUBOTA Corporation, the deal will bring higher operational efficiency through promoting structural reform, and transcosmos can expand its systems business in China. Building on this acquisition, we will further expand the coverage of our cost-effective system service to include Kubota Group. At the same time, we will provide all Japanese businesses operating in China with greater services to help them grow their businesses.” 

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