transcosmos operates web & app development and contact center businesses, both with one of the largest networks in Asia. The company also provides TCI-DX for Support - its proprietary digital transformation (DX) platform that helps clients optimize customer experience (CX) at every touchpoint between businesses and customers - on a global scale. Leveraging customer voices (VoC: voice of the customer) that the company receives directly through its contact centers, as well as VoC on social media sites and platforms, TCI-DX for Support nearly doubles the self-service completion rate on websites and apps. At the same time, with a seamless combination of a hybrid chat channel and call centers, the service boosts productivity three times as high as that of manned call support services. Ultimately, TCI-DX for Support enhances end-user convenience while optimizing clients’ costs.

Now, consolidating its know-how in customer services gained though operating one of the largest networks of call centers in Asia, transcosmos has developed and added T-GPT - a chatbot powered by generative AI (GenAI) – to TCI-DX for Support.

With T-GPT in place, the hybrid chat services respond to end-user inquiries in natural language at any time. Moreover, a seamless handover from chatbots to chat agents ensures high-quality CX consistently. Japan is the second country where T-GPT is available, following South Korea. transcosmos plans to expand the service coverage across the globe.

(Flowchart 1)
TCI-DX for Support: Enhance end-user convenience and optimize clients’ costs at the same time
(boost the self-service completion rate and productivity)
(Flowchart 1) TCI-DX for Support: Enhance end-user convenience and optimize clients’ costs at the same time (boost the self-service completion rate and productivity)

transcosmos GenAI initiatives in the customer support domain

transcosmos is proactively leveraging GenAI to enhance its contact center outsourcing business. With the power of this advanced technology, transcosmos drastically cut the time required for a range of operations. For example, time for escalation from an agent to a supervisor went down to 38% of the time without the service, and the time for an agent to make a customer support log was down as low as to 17%.  
With the purpose of increasing the end-user self-service rate, transcosmos consolidated its technical and operational know-how gained through GenAI research and testing performed in customer support business process, and developed and integrated its proprietary GenAI chatbot T-GPT into its hybrid chat support solution.

(Flowchart 2) Hybrid chat service with T-GPT, chatbot powered by GenAI (for illustration purposes only)
(Flowchart 2) Hybrid chat service with T-GPT, chatbot powered by GenAI (for illustration purposes only)

GenAI powered chatbot T-GPT: Key features

The problems with traditional scenario-based chatbot services include operational burden on end-users, making end-users end the talk before solving issues. T-GPT helps clients to swiftly present the right response to an end-user enquiry made in natural language. In addition, with its ability to summarize and create a response referring to multiple business knowledge bases, it is highly effective in supporting inquiries that require checking various business knowledge bases such as FAQs. As a result, T-GPT helps businesses reduce end-users’ time to solve their problems and boost user satisfaction.

Looking at the operational side, the traditional maintenance process requires businesses to review and update chatbot response scenarios comprehensively. T-GPT also addresses this process. Just by updating knowledge for GenAI, T-GPT can respond to inquiries based on the latest information, thereby enabling businesses to increase the bot-service completion rate as well as reduce operational costs on an ongoing basis. Moreover, all these GenAI chatbot features can be handed over to chat agents seamlessly, enabling businesses to offer a consistent customer support experience to end-users without disrupting the experience.

GenAI-powered TCI-DX for Support: Next steps

Starting from 85 clients located in Japan that outsource the entire management of customer touchpoints across web & apps, hybrid chat, and call centers, transcosmos will gradually increase T-GPT clients with a goal of 300 clients on a global scale by the end of March 31, 2026. At the same time, transcosmos will elevate T-GPT to a more valuable solution for clients by adding GenAI-powered features that help increase agent service productivity as well as enhancing overall contact center operations.

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