transcosmos hereby announces that the company has released Internet Interactive Solution in China, a solution that aims at enhancing its trust & safety services. Designed to develop a public opinion monitoring system throughout the network using an AIGC (AI-Generated Content) model, the solution helps clients boost brand reputation and customer experience (CX) at the same time.

In 2021, transcosmos officially released its trust & safety service in China. By monitoring contents posted on social platforms, the service helps clients prevent risks and improve brand reputation. Now, transcosmos will ensure the quality of output with this new internet interaction solution as one of key features of transCxLink (*1), the company’s omnichannel contact center platform. The solution is composed of two core modules, one for auto-collecting public opinions on the internet and the other for auto-generating and managing response to public opinions on the internet. Based on these modules, the solution collects public opinions and information posted on social platforms, e-commerce platforms and brand official websites holistically and then accurately identifies occasions and emotions behind the posted opinions, categorizes contents, and finally generates and publishes response to the opinions. Combining the solution with human support, the solution guarantees the quality of output content.

In addition, transcosmos also upgraded its trust & safety service with a focus on expanding the coverage to include the entire network, automating the service as well as making it a more intelligent service. With the upgraded service, transcosmos enables businesses to interact with consumers across all phases of customer journey swiftly, thereby boosting CX by identifying the opportunity to retain and increase brand advocates across brand domains.

Internet Interactive Solution: Service overview

Internet Interactive Solution: Service overview

Internet Interaction Solution: Key features

✓ Auto-check brand voice, related topics, and customer emotions on the internet 24/7. Always available even after business hours.
✓ Grasp consumer inquiries and guide consumers to solutions swiftly. Proactively interact and engage with consumers on topics related to brand’s products and services to increase brand reputation and influence, thereby strengthening brand competitiveness.
✓ Manage operational platforms to perform the entire interactive tasks. Assist brands in summarizing public opinions, and track and monitor the quality of interactive content and its influence in real time. Complete all process flows from checking content to posting responses at speed.
✓ Using the AIGC model in parallel with the solution, create a knowledge base automatically. Provide useful interactive content for reference for various scenarios that match each brand’s target customers and product features to support brands in optimizing text-based content on an ongoing basis.

Today, the Internet Interaction Solution is highly recognized by clients across multiple industries, in particular those in the auto industry. By combining the power of people and digital technology, transcosmos will continue to develop and implement a range of services and solutions that help clients optimize costs, increase efficiency and optimize CX.

※1: transCxLink is an omnichannel intelligent contact center platform developed by transcosmos. Connecting all kinds of communication channels including social platforms, voice calls and chats, the platform not only delivers a seamless customer service process between companies, consumers and agents, but also comes with an extensive range of features such as CRM, intelligent services, marketing systems, voice recognition, automated reporting, business insight, and more.

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