transcosmos inc. (Representative Director, Co-presidents: Masaaki Muta, Takeshi Kamiya) hereby announces that the company has offered a metaverse office space to NEXT Staff Service Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Ryuichi Mori). With this metaverse space, NEXT Staff Service will promote interaction among employees working in offices across Japan, shift to avatar-based metaverse meetings from traditional online meetings, and hold events for hiring and more. transcosmos will introduce new ways of communication built on the metaverse to help NEXT Staff Service address challenges in conveying emotional feelings and nuances in online meetings among employees working remotely, free of time and location constraints. Ultimately, transcosmos helps NEXT Staff Service bolster internal communication.

1. Overview of the Metaverse Office
The Metaverse Office for NEXT Staff Service is designed based on the company’s real-world office, including the workspace, meeting rooms, office bar, and a garage. In the metaverse, NEXT Staff Service will hold hiring activities and meetings that are currently held in its physical office and telework environments. As remote and hybrid workstyles become increasingly popular, businesses today face various challenges such as disengaging online meetings, loss of spontaneous interactions, and the difficulty in creating and managing a sense of unity among employees. To address such challenges, transcosmos offers a new communication approach powered by the metaverse and verifies the feasibility of new workstyles that metaverse brings. In creating the metaverse office, transcosmos helped NEXT Staff Service in overall project planning, design and technological aspects. For the platform, transcosmos used a web-based metaverse V-air by Urth inc. (Chief Executive Officer: Hiroki Tanaka). The space was designed by R.I.D (REO’s IMPLY DESIGN).

2. Future Plans for the Metaverse Office
NEXT Staff Service will use and operate the new metaverse space for internal meetings and events, and conduct analysis and a feasibility study. Going forward, the company plans to expand the scope to include external sessions such as consultation sessions, hiring activities, and events, as well as integrating the space with social media.

3. Message from Ryuichi Mori, Representative Director, NEXT Staff Service Co., Ltd.
In creating the metaverse office, we have focused on the values that the metaverse brings. Now that we are actually using the space, we have clearer ideas of real value. For example, we have been hiring new graduates primarily in the Kanto region, but now we are hiring in Osaka and Fukuoka as well. The metaverse office is very reasonable and fun as a communication tool, and highly valuable for hiring managers working at different offices across Japan. We also believe that integrating the latest technology into business practices works as a strong branding strategy. By the time the metaverse becomes mainstream, we will be adopting technology of tomorrow, upgrading ourselves and always remaining one step ahead of others.

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