transcosmos inc. (Representative Director, Co-presidents: Masaaki Muta, Takeshi Kamiya) hereby announces that the company has offered a virtual space, the metaverse, to SAKURA Law Office (Lawyer and Representative: Kenshiro Michishita). The company will help the law office plan services and events for its clients. The SAKURA Law Office Metaverse ( opened on Wednesday, July 12, 2023. With the aim of offering useful services, the law office will not only offer a Summary Law Center on the Metaverse (reservation only), a service which enables users who need legal advice to consult with lawyers via avatars, but also plans to hold regular events to share legal information, and more.

1. About SAKURA Law Office Metaverse

SAKURA Law Office Metaverse is a web based metaverse, which users can readily experience from their smartphones or desktops, no app installation required. An avatar-based Summary Law Center on the Metaverse (reservation only) enables users to ask for legal advice from lawyers without feeling intimidated as they are using avatars. The office also plans to deploy a robot lawyer*1, an AI service that enables users to ask about laws and regulations that govern the metaverse.
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2. Planned services

SAKURA Law Office will offer various services including ones listed below;
・Summary Law Center on the Metaverse (reservation only)
With this reservation-only summary law center service, users can ask for legal advice via avatars. The service is free for up to 30 minutes. From there, users can choose to go in more details about their specific cases if needed (paid-service).
Lawyers with extensive knowledge and experience in their respective fields will give advice in their professional fields. Sessions will take place in a room in the metaverse with sufficient security measures in place, making sure that users feel safe and relaxed during the session.
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・Regular legal seminars and events
・Business matching (client and partner referral services with an option to use the metaverse space as a meeting space)
・Robot lawyer
*More to come soon.

3. Story behind developing SAKURA Law Office Metaverse

Although technology continues to evolve as digital technologies advance, traditional legal procedures remain complex, taking enormous time and effort to address a legal issue in most cases. SAKURA Law Office has been pursuing user-friendly services, offering non-face-to-face legal consulting services via phones, social networking services, and more. With these new metaverse-based services, users can ask for legal advice from anywhere at any time, free from time and location constraints. In addition, making the initial contact via avatars will help mitigate apprehensive feelings even more than non-face-to-face sessions. SAKURA Law Office will offer an environment where people can ask for legal advice more casually on issues that they feel difficult to confide in. Establishing laws and rules that govern business dealings in the metaverse will become more important going forward. Against this backdrop where a diverse range of metaverse businesses continue to emerge and expand, Sakura Law Office will offer relevant information to businesses and individuals through metaverse seminars, and more.

4. 【Free Seminar】 Series 1: Latest trends of the metaverse legislations

Date & Time:

14:00 to 14:40, Thursday, July 27, 2023


Kenshiro Michishita, Lawyer and Representative, SAKURA Law Office
Jin Mitsuda, Deputy Manager, Metaverse Promotion Department, transcosmos inc.
Hiroki Tanaka, CEO, Urth inc.

Online venue:

Seminar Room in the SAKURA Law Office Metaverse

Register here:

■SAKURA Law Office

SAKURA Law Office was established in January 2020, with a fundamental mission to help develop an infrastructure for the legal profession through offering the highest quality of legal services to clients. Always committed to building new practices and creating laws, the SAKURA Law Office has been a pioneer in Japan in working on a range of emerging legal areas including WEB3, the metaverse, NFT, DAO, AI and Blockchain. As the world stands at a major turning point in its history, all lawyers and staff at SAKURA Law Office will further enhance our expertise and collective strengths to offer the highest level of legal services as one team.
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