transcosmos inc. (Representative Director, Co-presidents: Masaaki Muta, Takeshi Kamiya) hereby announces that the company released the Metaverse Web Content on its owned media Cotra on Friday, March 31, 2023 to promote the use of metaverse for business.

1.Metaverse Web Content Overview
transcosmos will post useful information for businesses to use the metaverse in a series. The information covers basic knowledge about the metaverse and how it helps solve business challenges.
・Visit the Metaverse Web Content here (no translation available): URL:

2.Visit the Metaverse Service Experience Room here: URL:
For the metaverse space, transcosmos chose V-air by Urth Inc. (Chief Executive Officer: Hiroki Tanaka; Urth), a web-based metaverse where users can readily experience the metaverse among other options. With V-air, users can log into the metaverse from anywhere, anytime via their mobiles and PC browsers, no app installation required. The space was designed by Hajime Tsuruta, a first class qualified architect, the founder and chief executive officer of NRC Architecture and Design Office, and winner of Sketch Your Space, an international metaverse design competition (*1).
・ Service Experience Room

3.Metaverse Service Experience Room Concept
“People & technology” is the origin of transcosmos business. transcosmos combines people and technology in a superior, systemized way to deliver high-value services. The Metaverse Service Experience Room adheres to this business philosophy. While leveraging the latest technology transcosmos owns, its design values human imagination and warmth. The gear at the bottom of the room merges the power of human imagination and technology, converts the combined power to added value, which lifts and keeps the room afloat in the space. The whole design represents a sustainable business model that transcosmos offers to its clients.

4.Story behind the Metaverse Service Experience Room
transcosmos offers one-stop services that range from metaverse consulting to operations to drive the use of the metaverse for business. Yet, it is challenging for companies to have an image of using the metaverse for a particular purpose, and the metaverse space itself. Recognizing this, transcosmos considered it critical to let businesses experience the metaverse firsthand to have the image of and feel how they can use the metaverse, deepen the understanding of the metaverse, and ultimately build a metaverse that best fits their businesses. Based on this belief, transcosmos created and published the Metaverse Service Experience Room, a space where companies who are exploring the possibility of using the metaverse to casually experience the metaverse.
In addition to the above, transcosmos has published the Virtual Contact Center Room (URL:, created by an architecture student. The company plans to have a virtual tour for people working at contact centers and for companies that outsource contact center businesses.
・ Virtual Contact Center Room

5.Future Plan
transcosmos will promote the use of the metaverse for business by holding business meetings and seminars in the metaverse space as well as providing information via the metaverse. In addition, the company will set an official avatar of a Metaverse Promotion Department staff in the metaverse, who will assist clients on a regular basis.
transcosmos will offer the right metaverse platform for each occasion. With the power of the metaverse, transcosmos will solve challenges that companies and society face, and ultimately serve in creating a society that generates new values that merge digital and real worlds in a highly sophisticated way.
*1 Sketch Your Space Competition, an international metaverse space design competition hosted by Spatial, an overseas metaverse platform and Sketchfab, an overseas 3D library.

(About Urth inc.)

Company Name: Urth inc
Chief Executive Officer: Hiroki Tanaka
Address: 19-3 bldg. entrepreneurship Center, Waseda University, 1-22-3 Nishiwaseda, Shinjku-ku Tokyo 169-0051 Japan
Business: IT and architectural services, etc.
URL (no translation available):

(Architect Hajime Tsuruta profile)
First class qualified architect in Japan, Hajime Tsuruta is the founder and chief executive officer of NRC Architecture and Design Office. Hajime is a multi-talented person who writes novels, does paintings, plans housing and buildings in both the real and the metaverse world, and researches city planning and tourism policy in the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Highly acclaimed globally, his works have received multiple awards.

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