transcosmos inc. (Representative Director, Co-presidents: Masaaki Muta, Takeshi Kamiya) hereby announces that the company, in partnership with Adalo, Inc. (Founder & CEO: David Adkin; Adalo), will begin offering Adalo Full Support Package, a comprehensive solution for users to overcome challenges they face in using no-code tools in Japan.

Many companies are interested in no-code app development, and are keen on applying the approach. Yet, in reality, it is still difficult for their internal members to utilize no-code tools by themselves. In addition, data storage location becomes another major challenge in using overseas tools. With one of the largest engineering teams in Japan, transcosmos has been developing websites and apps in various programming languages for businesses. Now, building on its abundant experience and successes in development projects, transcosmos will offer Adalo Full Support Package, a comprehensive solution for businesses to address such challenges. The package covers app development and custom app development services using Adalo - a no-code tool from the U.S. - as well as user training and development support services. With this package, clients can use all the latest features of Adalo 2.0, which just launched in April 2023, including all responsive features ahead of others.

Another distinctive feature of this package is a data storage service in Japan. transcosmos will prepare and offer clients an environment specifically designed for building apps using Adalo in data centers located in Japan. This allows clients to build apps making the most of all features Adalo provides without the risk of data leakage associated with cross-border data transfer.

transcosmos app developers with a proven record in app development for leading companies will consult with clients, listening to their needs and requirements, and present the optimum plan for each development project. *Pricing and timeframe are subject to change based on each development project.

David Adkin, Co-Founder & CEO of Adalo commented on the Adalo Full Support Package release as follows.
We’re so excited to be partnering with transcosmos to help spread Adalo throughout Japan. Our mission has always been to empower software creation throughout the world. As a result we’ve got a pretty international community of makers — so collaborating with transcosmos was the perfect next step for our mission.

To help the no-code market grow in Japan, transcosmos will deepen its partnership with Adalo and deliver Adalo’s new features and use cases in the country, getting ahead of others. In addition, leveraging its immense development capabilities, transcosmos will fully assist clients in diversifying and accelerating their digital marketing initiatives from a technical perspective, thereby providing comprehensive support for clients to solve various challenges they face in app development processes.

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