transcosmos inc. (Representative Director, Co-presidents: Masaaki Muta, Takeshi Kamiya) hereby announces that the company, in partnership with BRAINVERSE CO.,Ltd. (CEO: Yoshihito Miyama) will offer a virtual space and VR customer services built on virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies to Brain Sleep Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Atsushi Hirota). The services enable Brain Sleep to showcase its product lineup that is based on the latest sleep medicine and to offer online customer services with dedicated staff describing the products, making customers feel as if they are shopping in the real-world store. The virtual space, VR ROOM ( will open and welcome customers on Wednesday, June 28, 2023.

1.VR ROOM powered by VR/AR
VR ROOM, a virtual space built on a VR-AR combined technology, offers a new shopping experience to customers. Customers can enjoy the experience from their smartphones or desktops right away, no app installation or membership registration process required. The room offers a full lineup of Brain Sleep’s products that merge sleep medicine and cutting-edge technologies including BRAIN SLEEP PILLOW. The virtual space is equipped with AR features, enabling shoppers to check touch and feel of the products in life-size with their smartphone cameras. Dedicated customer service staff serve and assist customers in getting good quality sleep by describing the benefits of, and ways to use the sleep products. The customer service is reservation-only.

2.VR customer service available anytime, both with or without reservation
Customers can experience VR customer service anytime that suits their schedule with or without reservation. For customers with reservations, dedicated customer service staff will give advice, offering immersive customer experience. transcosmos and BRAINVERSE will study differences between customer service with and without reservation in the level of customer satisfaction and conversion to shape and drive new ways of communication.

3.Story behind developing VR ROOM powered by VR/AR
According to a 2022 report by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the global metaverse market is expected to reach as much as about 79 trillion yen by 2030 (*1). Metaverse, VR and AR markets are obviously growing and are expected to bring about a drastic change in both our lives and business practices, establishing new ways of communication. transcosmos survey found that about one in two consumers prefer to have online store chat services to consult about their purchases before making a purchase decision. In particular, two in three in their teens and 20’s want to have online customer services (*2). Based on such findings, transcosmos and BRAINVERSE will achieve effective customer engagement by deploying VR customer service, pursue innovation in sleep experience powered by VR and AR, and ultimately raise the level of customer satisfaction.

4.Comment from Atsushi Hirota, Representative Director, Brain Sleep Co., Ltd.
We deliver our products primarily via an online channel, which poses us a challenge – customers cannot try our products. We are very excited that with the opening of our virtual commerce site for the first time, we can now make our customers experience our products from anywhere in the world, and touch and feel our products which wasn’t possible before. In the virtual commerce site, we will provide consulting services to give advice to customers to help solve their sleep-related problems, going beyond just selling and making them experience our products. With the aim of solving sleep-related problems in Japan, we will continue to strive for delivering every possible solution.


BRAINVERSE pours its passion into delivering innovative VR/AR experience by merging cutting-edge technologies and creativity. We are the only VR/AR service platformer in Asia who offer outstanding solutions by Arlene, a global immersive technology solutions provider in the U.S. Our members in Japan will offer end-to-end support services that range from planning, modeling, shooting, implementing, launching and connecting the service to e-commerce, to analytics. Arlene’s prominent tech team will also help you develop new features and optimize your existing features.
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■About Brain Sleep Co., Ltd.

Brain Sleep is an innovation company that pursues the best sleep through sleep medicine and IT technology. To help people in Japan, where the average amount of sleep is extremely short and many people are suffering from sleep debt, our goal is to achieve a “sleep revolution” that leads people to better health by improving the quality of their sleep, not by ensuring that they get enough hours of sleep. We provide various services and products to improve the quality of sleep by using cutting-edge sleep medicine and rapidly evolving IT technology.

*1 Source: 2022 WHITE PAPER Information and Communications in Japan Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
*2 Source transcosmos inc. “Consumer survey on the needs for customer services on e-commerce sites”

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