transcosmos inc. (Representative Director, Co-presidents: Masaaki Muta, Takeshi Kamiya) hereby announces that the company has formed a capital and business alliance with TianJin Tinkers Computer Information Technology Co.,Ltd. (Executive Director: Pengfei Zhou; TINKERS), a software development company in China. transcosmos Information Creative (China) Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tianjin City, China, President: Kokkei Nakayama), a Chinese subsidiary of transcosmos that primarily offers system development services in China, will work with TINKERS to deliver clients software development services powered by cutting-edge technology.

Founded in January 2016, TINKERS offers software development services using the latest technologies including IoT, Big Data, AI, and 3D modelling, with a focus on developing digital transformation (DX) solutions for the manufacturing industry, industrial software and its proprietary products and solutions. With an all-out effort in developing its two core products – a low code platform and an industrial software platform – TINKERS adapts to changing market needs flexibly and rapidly, thereby offering clients its integrated solutions that help clients digitize operations and utilize data. Now, with the advent of the DX age, TINKERS sets its utmost priority on solving challenges that clients face with the power of the latest technologies while bringing additional value. TINKERS not only helps clients identify challenges in their operational processes but also assists them in developing strategic plans with its consulting and solution planning and design capabilities. What’s more, TINKERS also has the ability to offer system development, maintenance and operations services. Leveraging its competitive strength in connecting and offering all such services as a solution at one stop, TINKERS continues to expand its scope of business with ever-increasing technologies to meet changing market demands. The company has a proven track record across diverse industries, in particular in the auto industry as well as with leading manufacturers.

transcosmos established transcosmos Information Creative (China) Co., Ltd. in 1995. Since then, the company has been offering outsourcing services with a focus on system development and integration as well as information technology (IT) support services. The company owns operational knowledge and expertise in system development and operations that the company has acquired through offering comprehensive IT outsourcing services over the years with more than 1,600 people across diverse locations both in China and Japan. Combining its technical expertise and talented people, the company provides high-quality, cost-competitive services. With its proprietary quality management system in place, the company has been awarded ISO9001 certification as well as the CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) Level 5 certification, ensuring a high level of operational quality as a company.

With this new alliance partnership, transcosmos and TINKERS will further drive system integration (SI) businesses. Merging transcosmos’s immense capabilities in development and operations with TINKERS’ ability in leveraging cutting-edge technologies, the two companies will make proposals and deliver the right solutions to clients across a wide range of industries more than ever before.

■ Comment from Pengfei Zhou, Executive Director, General Manager of TianJin Tinkers Computer Information Technology Co.,Ltd.
We, TINKERS, focus on offering DX solutions and industrial software products to clients, and have built a range of success cases with more than 500 companies including leading manufacturers in China and abroad. We are very pleased that we now have a partnership with transcosmos, a world-famous BPO and CX services player.

Under its vision - Global Digital Transformation Partner - transcosmos owns an extensive range of client bases across the globe with an excellent reputation in the industry. Now, with this alliance partnership in place, we hope to play a part in transcosmos’s digital transformation initiatives, and offer a wider range of service offerings to clients. TINKERS fully recognizes the importance of digital transformation in today’s manufacturing industry. We will continue to innovate technology and optimize solutions to meet and exceed the needs of our clients. In partnership with transcosmos, we will offer clients across industries that are operating on a global scale with solutions and products that help them achieve digital transformation with higher quality than ever before, and ultimately create significant value for clients.

■ Comment from Eijiro Yamashita, Senior Corporate Executive Officer of transcosmos inc.We are delighted to partner with TINKERS, a software development company in China. TINKERS has a particular strength in managing upstream processes that help clients develop strategies with its consulting as well as solution planning and design capabilities. In addition, TINKERS is well-versed in AI and blockchain technologies. With this capital and business partnership with TINKERS, we are confident that we can solve challenges that clients face in an efficient manner, thereby further enhancing their satisfaction towards our services and solutions.

■ Comment from Kokkei Nakayama, President of transcosmos Information Creative (China) Co., Ltd.Despite its relatively small size, TINKERS owns proprietary products and unique software built on its research and development capabilities. In addition to its high technical expertise, TINKERS also has know-how in working with China’s local clients from upstream processes. Through this new partnership with TINKERS, we believe that we can expand both our system development business for clients in Japan and system integration business for local clients in China, which will in turn drastically boost the level of our services. In addition, by making the most of transcosmos and our contact in Japan, we can also offer TINKERS’ products and development capabilities in Japan, which enables us to provide clients with highly cost-effective services.

■ TINKERS Overview

Company Name: TianJin Tinkers Computer Information Technology Co.,Ltd.
Address: 7F, Building A, North Tower, Wisdom Mountain, Huayuan Industrial Zone, Tianjin, China
Date of Foundation: January 6, 2016
Representative: Pengfei Zhou, Executive Director & General Manager
Business: Software development, intelligent manufacturing solutions, product research & development
Official website:

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