transcosmos inc. (Representative Director, Co-presidents: Masaaki Muta, Takeshi Kamiya) hereby announces that the company has expanded the Marketing Chain Management Center Okinawa Koza (MCM Center Okinawa Koza), its operations base in Okinawa, integrating the Marketing Chain Management Center Okinawa (MCM Center Okinawa), a center which opened in June 1999 in Okinawa city, as the center will be closed due to an aging building. Increasing workstations to 620 from 350, 600 members at the upgraded MCM Center Okinawa Koza will offer services that help clients expand sales and optimize costs.

With a goal to expand its center network to include local areas, transcosmos opened MCM Center Okinawa, its first operations base in Okinawa prefecture in June 1999. The company chose Okinawa for its great hospitality and a pool of young talent. Since then, transcosmos has been increasing its presence in the prefecture, opening as many as 10 centers including its own building MCM Center Naha located in Omoromachi, Naha city which opened in March 2006. Today, transcosmos offers a diverse range of services including contact centers, digital marketing, and business process outsourcing (BPO).

MCM Center Okinawa Koza opened in April 2009. The center offers contact center services, responding to various customer inquiries and performing technical support operations for clients in manufacturing, tele-communications, distribution, and the public sector industry. Not only increasing its workstations from 350 to 620, transcosmos has also enhanced the center’s refreshment area for employees. With the aim of offering a greater customer experience value to meet ever-diversifying client needs, transcosmos will continue to expand its service coverage and elevate its operational quality even higher.

“MCM Center Okinawa, the place where we started our business in the Okinawa area in 1999 has closed its doors after nearly 24 years,” Kenshi Matsubara, Director & Executive Vice President at transcosmos said. “We launched the center with only 15 members. Since then, as our services gained a high reputation, we steadily expanded the center and developed many talents. MCM Center Okinawa is our starting point for our success in expanding our center network not only in Okinawa prefecture but throughout Japan. We thank Okinawa prefecture, Okinawa city, and all of you who have supported us since the opening of MCM Center Okinawa. With the expansion of the MCM Center Okinawa Koza, we will further develop our people and enhance our services to serve Okinawa prefecture in developing a thriving industry. At the same time, we will aim to make a huge leap forward as a company that is loved by the locals, and grow together with the local community.”

transcosmos is a certified Okinawa SDGs Partner Company and has been carrying out various initiatives to serve the community. In July 2007, transcosmos made a donation to help rebuild Okinawa’s Shuri Castle that had burned down, and donated acrylic sheets as preventive measures against the novel coronavirus during the pandemic in May 2022. As a company committed to local communities, transcosmos will continue to contribute to the development of Okinawa prefecture.

■MCM Center Okinawa Koza offers enhanced refreshment areas for employees

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