transcosmos inc. (Representative Director, Co-presidents: Koichi Iwami, Masaaki Muta) hereby announces that the company has developed and launched a work-from-home solution, Work @nywhere for the Indonesian market. The solution offers an optimum work-from-home service model for both company and people working from home in terms of security, work environment, quality control, operations and people management, and more. Combining Jakarta and nearshore offices, satellite offices and a work-from-home model, transcosmos offers diverse workstyle options for employees, thereby securing professionals who are crucial for the company’s continued growth. At the same time, Work @nywhere solution ensures flexible, high-quality, and cost effective operational services for clients.

To offer diverse workstyle options, transcosmos is promoting a work-from-home model at its contact centers, Trust & Safety and digital marketing service divisions. Yet, to make it work, it is critical to overcome various challenges such as security, work environment, quality control, operations and people management. The company’s new work-from-home solution Work @nywhere ensures security in the home environment while visualizing operating status of home agents with a central management approach using software. In addition, the solution maintains call quality and productivity of contact center service operations. As for people management, Work @nywhere records and monitors agents’ attendance and performance. At the same time, transcosmos utilizes Work @nywhere as a tool to motivate and communicate with home agents, helping them avoid feeling lonely while working home alone, as well as a tool for hiring and training.

Today, transcosmos offers various services including contact centers, Trust & Safety, digital marketing with 2,690 workstations in four locations namely, Jakarta RDTX, Jakarta Menara Tendean, Semarang, and Semarang 2, as well as about 200 work-from-home agents. transcosmos plans to build new or additional satellite offices in major cities in regional areas including two locations in Semarang in Central Java and Yogyakarta, East and West Java, Bali, among others. Combining nearshore centers, satellite offices, work-from-home and onsite, transcosmos will offer services that promise cost advantage for clients.

transcosmos will leverage Work @nywhere at nearshore centers, satellite offices and onsite in addition to a work-from-home environment. Not only implementing necessary IT and digital systems and tools, and swiftly providing human support to manage risks and troubles, transcosmos, as a company, will thoroughly support each and every employee and communicate with all to ensure that its work-from-home operations offer safe, secure and sable services that are the same as the ones provided from centers. This operational framework which is built on multiple sites also works as an effective business continuity plan in the event of an emergency such as natural disasters.

People are a highly critical asset, especially for large-scale operational services and projects that require expertise. For general operational services, transcosmos decides a site for the service, recruits and trains people at the area or site, and designs operational flows. The concept of Work @nywhere is different. For Work @nywhere, transcosmos employs people required for a particular service from the entire Indonesian area, and offers the right workstyle for each individual. With this approach, transcosmos offers even higher service quality over the medium-to long-term, and at the optimum price for clients.

transcosmos plans to hire about 700 new members in 2023. For Indonesia’s local companies, transcosmos offers services in Indonesian and English, and in English for the Western and international clients.

In June 2013, transcosmos co-established PT. transcosmos Indonesia (Headquarters: Jakarta, Indonesia; CEO President Director: Seisuke Kobayashi) with PT Cyberindo Aditama (Headquarters: Jakarta, Indonesia), an IT company under the major Indonesian conglomerate, Salim Group. Today, the company offers various services including contact center services via calls, emails, and chats; Trust & Safety for monitoring and policing user-generated online content; internet ads and social media operations; and app development for digital marketing services with a total of 2,600 members.

With its operations centers in Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, transcosmos delivers a series of services for each local market in the ASEAN region, including contact centers, digital marketing and e-commerce one-stop services. With the aim of assisting many more clients in offering greater CX to their customers, transcosmos will continue to provide a diverse range of services that help not only local companies but also international businesses entering the local markets expand sales and optimize costs.

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