transcosmos inc. (Representative Director, Co-presidents: Masaaki Muta, Takeshi Kamiya) hereby announces that the company has offered its 5A Diagnostics service to Nissen Holdings Co., Ltd. (President and Representative Director: Jun Habuchi).

■ Challenge
In 2018, Nissen Holdings announced its management policy saying “We will promote “selection and concentration” throughout our business from scratch, and return to profitability as soon as possible.”

■ Initiative with transcosmos
In 2019, transcosmos began assisting Nissen Holdings in developing strategies to achieve their goal by offering 5A Diagnostics, a service that uses a unique metric proposed by Professor Philip Kotler and is specifically designed for diagnosing customer loyalty. transcosmos performed competitive analysis along the 5A’s customer journey while visualizing key customer needs at the same time, thereby successfully helping Nissen Holdings develop its strategy. Since then, Nissen Holdings continues to use the service for strategy building, and is working on making customer experience even better and winning long-term customer loyalty with the support of transcosmos.

■ Results
Nissen Holdings carried out customer-centered loyalty marketing, and achieved a V-shaped recovery in 2022. The company continues to strive to expand business by prioritizing long-term relationships with its customers via loyalty focused marketing, rather than by putting revenues above all else.

■ Comment from a project member at Nissen Holdings Co., Ltd.
The findings of the 5A diagnostics reminded us that it is essential to build Nissen an irresistibly attractive brand that makes customers recommend us to others, and to enhance customer experience with an all-out customer centric approach. With this in mind, we have revisited our vision and incorporated the findings to our marketing strategies and organizational structure. Although not all of our initiatives are bearing fruit, we consider that the highest priority in mail order business is to offer greater customer experience powered by the voice of customers, and we, Nissen, are working as one towards this goal. Staying committed to our core, we will continue to carry out loyalty marketing going forward.

■ About the 5A’s Loyalty Diagnostics by transcosmos
The 5A’s is a new customer path proposed in “Marketing 4.0/5.0” by Phillip Kotler. In 2019, transcosmos formed a business alliance with MarkPlus Inc., an Indonesian consulting firm founded by Hermawan Kartajaya, the co-author of the book. In partnership with MarkPlus, transcosmos disclosed the 5A’s metric and conducted research. With the business alliance in place, transcosmos has the exclusive right to offer services using the unique 5A’s metric in Japan. In 2022, transcosmos expanded service coverage to include customer experience (CX) diagnostics, and named the service the 5A Loyalty Diagnostics, enhancing its loyalty marketing strategy.

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*Find out more about transcosmos’s latest marketing theory based on P.Kotler’s approach

■ About Nissen Co., Ltd.

Company Name: Nissen Holdings Co., Ltd.
Business: Online and mail order catalogue apparel and home interior shopping focusing on women’s wear Business support and B2B business leveraging its mail order know-how
Official online store: Nissen Online:

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