transcosmos inc. (Representative Director, Co-presidents: Masaaki Muta, Takeshi Kamiya) hereby announces that the company has released HCM Analytics Platform, a service which visualizes human capital information and helps listed companies meet the obligation to disclose human capital metrics in their securities report from the fiscal year ended March 31, 2023.
The platform manages all processes required for making human capital information disclosure from collecting to processing data at one-stop. The platform then visualizes clients’ current status against each metric, as well as delivering a report on statistical analysis through continuous data collection. By providing data required for the disclosure in the optimum way, transcosmos will help clients enhance their corporate value with their human capital information disclosure.

With this HCM Analytics Platform, transcosmos will offer two services; a reporting service and a data analytics platform service. Specifically, the reporting service visualizes the client’s current status of major metrics using the company’s proprietary templates that are in line with the Guidelines for Human Capital Information Visualization set by the Cabinet Office. With the data analytics platform service, transcosmos will accumulate information on an ongoing basis, and monitor and analyze trends and changes over time.

For reporting purposes, transcosmos will collect necessary information, extracting data from various systems including HR, payroll, and labor management, and also perform data cleansing, conversion, etc. Once completed, transcosmos will build a dashboard for monitoring, which visually represents the optimized data.
The service not only covers metrics required by the guidelines, but also supports related data points according to client needs. Multifaceted analytics is also available by inputting diverse information from areas other than human capital such as procurement and sales.

For the reporting service, transcosmos has prepared templates with metrics that are most used for human capital management based on the Guidelines for Human Capital Information Visualization, mandatory disclosure items defined in the guidelines, as well as ISO30414 - the guidelines for internal and external human capital reporting. The templates currently cover 34 disclosure items, and transcosmos plans to add more to meet client needs.

Combining its BPO and Digital Transformation services, transcosmos will underpin clients’ business foundations via its end-to-end services that help clients make information disclosure towards implementing human capital management to plan and execute data-driven human capital strategies.

- Reporting service templates (examples)
Diversity: Employee/Layer composition by attributes, female manager ratio, male employee take-up rate of childcare leave, gender pay gap, etc.
Mobility: Employment rate by attributes, employee composition by contract type, change in number of new hires, turnover rate, etc.

(*1) About the Guidelines for Human Capital Information Visualization Cabinet Office (no translation available):

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